JaSeo focus on how our society treat objects.
We believe, role of the designer extends beyond problem solver into a term “creator of significance”, only object caring significance to its user can overcome limitations of our society.


"La pasta storia" is a pasta packaging that tries to bring a bit of fun into a kitchen. This product consists of simple character making manuals and few short tales. Parents and their children can make a character together before cooking and parents will be able to tell the stories to their children at the same time. It helps them spend quality time with each other and as a result it would create precious childhood memories.

Designer points out that the purpose of this product is to help parents and children to have a better relationship. Generally speaking, it encourages family members to spend time with each other while having a meal. Pasta is an ingredient. It will be cooked and be served as a meal. However, "La pasta storia" will be a memory of time spend with family.

The Tree That Disliked the Ground.

There was a tree that disliked the ground.
The tree wanted to be far away from the ground.
So his roots grew longer than his branches.
All of his leaves fell off.
The tree was left with only bare branches.
Why didn’t the tree like the ground?

The Cricket That Loved the Sun.

The Cricket That Loved the Sun
There was a cricket that loved the sun.
Before he fell in love with the sun, he sang songs for the moon.
But now, he sang for the sun.
“Oh~ Sole Mio~ Oh~ Sole mio~”
How could a cricket fall in love with the sun?

‘La Pasta Storia’는 아이가 잠들기 전에 부모가 동화책을 읽어주는 행위를 식탁으로 옮겨 온 프로젝트이다. 여러가지 종류의 파스타로 구성된 이 제품은 파스타만으로 다양한 캐릭터를 만들 수 있는 메뉴얼과 동화를 제공한다. 아이의 부모는 이 파스타 제품으로 요리를 하기 전에 캐릭터를 만들고 그 캐릭터의 이야기를 아이에세 들려주며 커뮤니케이션을 하게 되고, 결과적으로 이 커뮤니케이션은 아이에게 부모와 함께한 유년시절의 추억을 제공하게 된다. 디자이너는 파스타가 가진 의미를 추억 생성의 매개체로 재해석 했다. 파스타는 식재료이다. 식재료는 곧 음식이 되고 음식은 식탁 위에 올려진다. 식사 자리에서는 사람들과의 커뮤니케이션이 이루어지면서 추억이 만들어진다. 이 과정에서 파스타는 곧 추억을 만들어주는 매개체라고 재해석되며 수많은 관계들 중에서 부모와 아이와의 관계에 주목하여 디자인하였다.

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